Handmade luxury fashion jewelry and accessories label.

Bianca Makris Portrait

Born on the beautiful Black Sea coast town of Constanta, Romania, Bianca comes from a family with artistic inclination (her younger brother is a very talented architect). Always interested in art and crafts, she tries her hand from a young age in painting, carbon drawing and mosaics, studies French literature and travels extensively. She decides Marketing will be her profession and after three years in television, embarks in a very successful marketing carrier that takes her to Cornell University for a US Government specialization program.

Always interested in fashion and style her latest project combines all the knowledge and craftsmanship learned through time.

Presently lives in Cyprus with her husband and three children.

The Brand

Bianca Makris is a bespoke handmade luxury fashion jewelry and accessories label. Our pieces aim the return of elegance and femininity in women fashion.

Simple designs for a subtle elegance and a playful yet sophisticated aesthetic. Every piece of jewelry and head accessories is handmade by the designer: the taffeta is hand shredded and each bead of coral, onyx, turquoise or pearls is passed manually on different types of threads. The signature crochet pompoms can be found in most of the collections.

Bianca believes in the beauty of imperfection of natural materials translating feelings and experiences into pieces of jewelry . Every piece has a story, told using different techniques and materials. 

The aesthetic combines the crochet lightness and volume with the chain rock ’n’ roll vibe; the glass’ fresh approach with the classic sensibility of pearls, natural stones for a versatile, stylish and ever-changing statement collection.

Contact Us

sales (at) biancamakris (dot) com

PO Box 50234
Limassol 3602

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